Organisations responsible for constructing ParaBoss for cattle

Special thanks

Special thanks are extended to the ParaBoss for cattle advisory committee for their support in developing this site.

  • Project personnel Jess Morgan (project leader), Peter James (lead LiceBoss), Geoff Brown (lead FlyBoss), Deb Maxwell
  • Biosecurity Queensland representative Cath Covacin (lead TickBoss)
  • Future Beef representative Felicity McIntosh
  • MLA representative Johann Schröder
  • National representatives Matt Playford and Jenny Cotter (lead WormBoss)

A team of writers, reviewers and support personnel

Creating this resource would not have been possible without the generous support of the following people. Thank you all for your time and knowledge.

Table 1. ParaBoss for cattle writers and reviewers 2021

Abdul Jabbar, UoM VIC

Lee Skerratt, UoM VIC

Agforce cattle tick committee, AHA

Lee Taylor, Zoetis

Ala Tabor, UQ QLD

Lewis Kahn, UNE NSW

Bert de Vos, Private consultant QLD

Lex Turner, DAF QLD

Brown Besier, Private consultant WA

Louise Jackson, DAF QLD

Bruce Halliday, Private consultant ACT

Mac Kneipp, Border Vet Surgery QLD

Bruce Watt, DPI NSW LLS

Malcolm Macleod, DAF QLD

Cath Covacin, DAF QLD

Matt Ball, VIRBAC

Constantin Constantinoiu, JCU QLD

Matt Playford, Dawbuts NSW

Deb Corbet, DAF QLD

Maxine Murphy, Private consultant QLD

Deb Maxwell, ParaBoss

Megan Willis, DAF QLD

Elizabeth Fowler, DAF QLD

Nic Jonsson, Uni of Glasgow UK

Felicity McIntosh, DAF QLD

Paul Freeman, DPI NSW

Geoff Brown, DAF QLD

Peter James, UQ QLD

Geoffry Fordyce, UQ QLD

Peter Rolls, DAF QLD

Glenn Anderson, DAF QLD

Peter Saville, Agriculture NT

Glenn Bellis, BQ (NAQS)

Phil Carter, DAF QLD

Heather Burrow, UNE NSW

Phil Sharman, Casvet NSW

Ian Beverage, UoM VIC

Rachel O'Brien , AHA, DAF QLD


Ralph Stutchbury, DAF QLD

Janina McKay-Demeler, Dawbuts NSW

Rebecca Ambrose, DAF QLD

Jenny Cotter, Private consultant prior DAFWA

Ross Warren, DAF QLD

Jess Morgan, DAF QLD

Steve Love , DPI NSW

Johann Schröder, MLA

Swaid Abdulla, UQ, QLD

John Larsen, UoM VIC

Tanja McKay, Arkansas State University, USA

Justin Bailey, UNE NSW

Ted Vinson, DAF QLD

Kevin Duff, DAF QLD


Table 2. ParaBoss for cattle support staff 2021

Alana Boulton, MLA

Johann Schröder, MLA

Alana McEwan, MLA

Jody Burgess, ParaBoss

Carmel Barrie, DAF QLD

Marine Empson, MLA

Carol Green, DAF QLD

Paul Hickey, DAF QLD

David Duperouzel , DAF QLD

Peter Johnston, DAF QLD

Deb Maxwell, ParaBoss

Remila Naidu, DAF QLD

Fion Liu-Hanson, DAF QLD

Stephen Nottingham, DAF QLD

Glenn Anderson, DAF QLD

Wayne Jorgensen, DAF QLD

Graeme Wright, Wrightway Design